The all-new Rational Review is a cloud-optimized software-as-a-service and software-as-a-product repository for analytics and review.

As a service, this full-featured software is backed by an experienced and dedicated client services team. Pricing is simple and predictable, with a fixed-fee schedule for unlimited users and matters, tiered based on the amount of data.

As a product, its streamlined architecture allows for cloud-based or on-premise installs with ease.

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Rational Review for the Cloud

Benefits of the Cloud

Cost Effective


Pay only for what you use, without up-front or long-term commitments.



Inherit best practices relating to policies, architecture, and operational processes built to satisfy the requirements of the most security sensitive customers.



Leverage years of experience delivering reliable, large-scale, global infrastructure.


Scalable & Elastic

Quickly add and subtract compute resources in order to meet demand and manage costs.

Product Features


Matter Dashboard

View a status summary of each matter, including key metrics and activity history.


Duplicate and Near Duplicate Detection

Only look at one copy of any document with customizable sensitivity.

Email Threading

Email Threading

View emails organized by thread with integrated mail tampered detection.


Advanced Analytics

Basic to complex search to cull data with statistical sampling.

Review and Coding

Review & Coding

View, tag, and code documents manually using a sophisticated yet user-friendly review pane.



Use unsupervised learning to uncover similarities between documents based on topic.


Scalable Infrastructure

Rest assured in RR’s reliability and robust processing capabilities, powered by your choice of leading cloud service providers.


Automated Content Classification

Use supervised machine-learning tools to perform predictive coding for automated document review.


Granular Security and Data Segregation

Allow multiple parties to have various levels of access to the repository and its data.


Self Load & Produce

Configure and manage high-volume loading and production of all types of data through RR’s powerful import tool with built-in OCR and TIFFing.


Integration with Rational Governance

Load data from your Rational Governance instance seamlessly.


Self Administration

Self-administer all site activity through exposed settings.

Analysis, Review and Production

Rational Review provides rich capabilities for document analysis, review, and production in the context of e-discovery. High-volume document loading can be accomplished via Rational Governance agents or through a simple, but powerful import tool, which accepts almost all types of data, including natives, text, images, and produced documents with load files. Configurable loading processes include exact and near duplicate detection, OCR, and TIFFing. Strict security controls and auditing can be enabled at every level. Documents can be analyzed using simple and advanced search, statistical sampling, “More Like This” search expansion, concept clustering, and state of the art predictive coding. RR also includes full coding, redaction, and export capabilities. High-volume production capabilities include flexible Bates stamping, slip sheeting, configurable redactions, and load file creation. This functionality is ideally suited not just for litigation, but also for internal investigations and M&A deal room review and collaboration.

Predictive Coding

Documents within Rational Review can be reviewed by an integrated machine learning tool based on Convolutional Neural Networks (“CNNs”) to either complement or replace contract attorney review. A handful of knowledgeable attorneys review a small, representative sample of documents. With this sample set, RR is able to codify the intuition, judgment, and decision processes of these attorneys into a statistical model, and then automatically apply that model across a broad set of data. Each model is completely customized for the issue and the dataset at hand. The result is improved review accuracy with massive reductions in time and cost – and an increase in the quality of lawyering. By providing full auditability of the CNN models as well as experts to testify to the validity of the process, our clients are given unparalleled confidence in the tool’s level of defensibility.


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Rational Review for the Cloud

Load, search, cull, review,
and produce data.

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Rational Review for the Cloud