• Attorneys and support staff with specialized experience
  • Conducted at your site or ours
  • In English or foreign languages

SiteLogistix has managed numerous large-scale, multilingual attorney reviews for complex litigation, involving millions of documents and highly technical review qualifications. With experience assisting partners at major law firms and Fortune 500 GCs in successfully placing hard-working, skilled attorneys, SiteLogistix can similarly save you significant time and money by managing your attorney review.

SiteLogistix staffs every project with an e-discovery expert who thoroughly scopes the project before it begins, ensuring that it is completed correctly, on time, and within budget. The SiteLogistix approach to managing e-discovery, which combines state-of-the-art technology with robust project management, provides a comprehensive and reliable solution for your e-discovery needs.

While SiteLogistix maintains a secure document review and data processing facility, we can also custom-build a fully equipped review site near you, complete with support staff, high-speed internet connectivity, computers, office equipment, document review technology, network security, videoconferencing tools, physical file management and storage, and secured facility access.