Up in the clouds… where Computers reside?

Published on: September 23rd, 2019

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Cloud computing is the next “it” thing in technology. Many will argue that it has arrived and we need to climb aboard this technology wagon before we miss the opportunity for a great ride.

But what is “Cloud” computing?  If you ask a consumer of technology their opinion might be that cloud computing is some ethereal way to deliver and share content through the air.  While this definition is partially correct, cloud computing is so much more.  In a nutshell Cloud computing is offering the power of a computer including access to files and software on an public or semi public infrastructure. Cloud computing services can be delivered via wireless or wired connection to the internet. Public Clouds are used in many ways to deliver software to mobile devices and computers or storage of documents and files off of physical devices.  Semi public clouds alternately known as private clouds are servers and networks delivering a specific software solution or a group of software solutions to customers via a secure channel.  A good example of this is our delivery via the web of document review software such as Ipro eClipse or LexisNexis Concordance FYI for our clients to conduct document reviews.

It is clear that Cloud computing is here, it is a valuable resource and it is still new. What is also clear as Cloud computing relates to legal matters, electronic discovery and computer forensics, is it presents certain challenges that must be addressed early on in a case. Issues such as data security and access to the data must be known variables when consulting on where electronically stored information(ESI) resides. How and what to collect from a cloud computing network presents another challenge. The links to articles below will provide additional information on this topic.  Information changes at the speed of thought, so stay thirsty my friends.

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